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14.0 Bollard Subwoofer - G3

14.0 Bollard Subwoofer - G3

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The 14.0 Bollard Subwoofer - G3 is the ultimate outdoor subwoofer for those seeking simply punishing bass response. This subwoofer features a 12" bandpass sub driver housed in a direct burial unit, delivering unparalleled bass power.

Designed to be paired with 3-Way Bollards, the 14.0 Bollard Subwoofer - G3 provides world-class sound and earth-shattering bass. It is built with high-quality materials and construction, making it able to Defy the Elements™ and withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

If your client demands superior bass response and performance, the 14.0 Bollard Subwoofer - G3 is the perfect solution. Upgrade your outdoor audio experience with this subwoofer and enjoy unparalleled bass power and performance.


14.0 Bollard Subwoofer - G3 Specifications

Size: 30in (H) x 14.4in (Ø)
Weight: 59lbs
Construction: Rotomolded color through composite
Finish: Brown
Subwoofer: 12”
Power Handling: 400W Max Power
Frequency Response: 30hz - 120hz
Efficiency: 94dB 1w/1M
Dispersion: 360° @ -6dB
Impedance: 8 ohm
Mounting: In-Grade & Surface
Wiring: Male CC Coastal Connector™
Warranty: 5-Year Limited Warranty
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